About us

Our company is characterized by extensive experience in special works in the construction industry, offering a complete range of solutions for preventing and extinguishing fires.

Everyday life experience in this field, has demonstrated that it is much easier and less costly, both financially but also morally, to prevent a disaster or, at least, to reduce its magnitude, than trying to remedy its consequences.

Therefore, our aim is to prevent and diminish, as much as possible, the consequences of fire, be it a housing estate, a private house or a public space.

Our company aims to implement solutions of active and passive fire protection even starting with the project phase. We think that consulting services in this area, the actual execution of systems, their maintenance and last but not the least, the development of citizen awareness as this kind of works are vital to the safety of the whole society.

Also, we have always kept our eyes on the evolution of these types of works and how they developed in Romania, coming to the conclusion that they are still in their incipient stage, in terms of law applicability and also in practice.

We have continuously adapted to market demands, always using professional equipment and we can guarantee that our solutions reduce the major risks of fire, also bringing enormous benefits to the developer: safety, high-tech standard, minimal risks. All these sum up in cheap financial investments but also in considerable fall of property insurance premiums.